Cost of Familiarity

Consecrational (Commitment)


Description:Breaking 400 years of silence, Jesus chagned the familure life in His hometown. What we learn is that His hometown settled for what was familure instead of what was eternal because Jesus was just "Joseph Son" and they failed to see "God's Son." The Familure cost them greatly.

Overcoming The Fear of Man

Consecrational (Commitment)


Description:The fear of man is a crippling device used by the enemy to hinder God's designed pupose, it leaves it victims weak and wondering. Overcoming the fear of man is not as difficult as one might think, listen with us as we learn who God has created us to be.

Daddy Issues

Consecrational (Commitment)


Description:Understanding who "Abba" is and who "Father" is and how it makes us authoritaive and powerful is the point of today's message.

See God

Pastoral (Growth)


Description:A brief look at why its important to see God in everything.


Book of Luke


Description:The preface of the gospel that focuses on the Chritian walk...

The King 2

Book of Mark


Description:The foucus on the King continues!

The King 1

Book of Mark


Description:The Focus on the King


Devotional (Worship)


Description:The major objective of Jesus coming to Earth was to reistablish the glory of God in mankind. To accomplish this, He identifies with man and unlock power that changes lives!


Devotional (Worship)


Description:The Struggle and Triumph in the LIfe of Sampson

The Power of Culture

Consecration (Commitment)


Description:Culture is a powerful force upon the Earth, we must learn how to stand with God counter to a false culture.

Spiritual Anger

Consecrational (Commitment)


Description:God wants to equip us on how to survive in a world full of anger. The love of God in you is greater than the anger in the world around you and love is powerful.

Famous Last Words (part 4)

Devotional (Worship)


Description:Theology - it is how we study our belief's in God and it reveals the most powerful truth known to man, God is Love and His Love saves us!

Famous Last Words (part 3)

Devotional (Worship)


Description:We discover what it means to be "debt free" according to Jesus!

Famous Last Words (part 2)

Devotional (Worship)


Description:Why God? Is the quesion Jesus asks, because he know at some point we will be brought to the point we have to ask the same quesion. Jesus faces our worst fear and God delievers the answer of a lifetime.

Famous Last Words (part 1)

Devotional (Worship)


Description:Jesus preaches from the cross the most famous words that impact humanity in ways we could never fathom. With a deep look at scripture, we will learn to value who Jesus is in our life, past, present, and future!

Being Fruitful

Consecrational (Commitment)


Description:Learning to be fruitful as Jesus teaches us is an objective that will shape our existance, our culture, and our future.

Enter His Gates (part 3) Worship

Consecrational (Commitment)


Description:Last in our series, we look at Worship, Prayer, and Forgivness as gates we enter.

Enter His Gates (part 2) Unity

Consecrational (commitment)


Description:Unity with God, with His house, & with His plan asures us access to His Glory.

Enter His Gates (part 1) treasure

Consecrational (Commitment)


Description:In this series we learn why being spiritual is essential to our survival and how entering spiritually into 'His Gates' keep us spiritually positioned to overcome trials and tribulations we may encounter in life. Looking at Psalm 100 for guidance, this written passage will show us where our hearts belong at all times.